If you’re wondering where to buy kratom with a credit card, I have your answer…


Although Greenpay e-check is the most reputable, secure, and popular high risk payment processor in America, and even though the account and routing numbers are never seen by human eyes
and not stored in a database, not everyone feels comfortable entering that information. For those who don’t see the security on the back-end like me, this caution is understandable.

Small kratom vendors like Herba Rosa cannot offer payment by card on their websites without violating their terms of service and risking a ban. Not just a ban for our business, but for the owner, personally. Large vendors pay large fees to third parties to process cards.

But what if we used… a different website?

That’s exactly what We’ve done for Herba Rosa!

You Can Now Buy Herba Rosa Kratom with Your Card

While I never planned on offering payment by card, my friend from Linkedin started this website – www.SalesPEO.com – where people can buy controversial products like CBD, Kratom, etc.
and pay with their debit or credit cards. And the Sales PEO Herba Rosa Product Page is now up and running! You can buy Herba Rosa with a card on their website.

Do keep in mind, though, that the website was made with business customers in mind, so there is a minimum order quantity of three for any one size of bag.

My friend started The Pipeline Strategies with compliance in mind, much like I started Herba Rosa. Every brand they work with goes through a strict vetting process, and Herba Rosa has
surpassed that high standard. A lot like the vetting process Herba Rosa uses for our suppliers.



If you haven’t given Herba Rosa a try because you’re wary of e-check and don’t mess with Bitcoin, now is the time to give it a shot on Sales PEO!

The Pipeline Strategies