Where do I find my Account and Routing Numbers?

If you’re looking for the best place to buy kratom powder, you’ve found it here at Herba Rosa. But when you get to checkout, you will notice that the only payment option – other than Bitcoin – is “eCheck”. You might be wondering how to pay for Kratom with eCheck.

Greenpay eCheck doesKratom powder on tray with Mortar and Pestle not require you to sign a check, but only that you enter the Routing and Account numbers from the bank account you wish to transfer from. If you are unsure of how to find those numbers, don’t worry! It’s easy.

In this article, I will go over how to pay for kratom with eCheck by showing you where to find your Routing and Account Numbers, both on your bank account dashboard, and on your physical checks.


How to find your Account and Routing Numbers on physical checks

Finding your Routing and Account numbers on physical checks is very simple.

Check with Routing and Account number highlighted

  • Your Routing Number is the on the bottom left part of the check.
  • Your Account Number is on the bottom, in the middle.

The number to the right of your account number is not relevant or necessary for learning how to pay for kratom with eCheck.


How to find your Account and Routing Numbers on your bank account dashboard

If you don’t have access to physical checks, your Account and Routing numbers are still easily accessible through your online banking account dashboard.

In this example, I am using Wells Fargo. Keep in mind that the layout of account dashboards may vary based on who you bank with.

Step 1 – Log in and select the account you wish to send from

Account Selection

Step 2 – Locate the links that will display your Account and Routing Numbers

Once you find these links, simply click on them, one at a time, to display your Account and Routing Numbers.

Links to Account and Routing Numbers

Step 3 – Choosing the correct Routing Number

You may have noticed that there are two Routing numbers displayed when you click the respective link.

Selecting the right Routing number

The correct one to use is the one for “direct deposits, electronic payments”.

This is the same Routing Number you will find on the bottom left of your check.






You are now enlightened!


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