Skullcap Tincture (Organic MAX STRENGTH – 100x) | Alcohol-Free Glycerite


100x Strength

– Dried Skullcap extract
– Vegetable Glycerin
– Distilled Water

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Herba Rosa’s organic Skullcap tincture has a strength ratio of 100:1 – stronger than most on the market. And unlike other liquid tinctures, this one contains ZERO ALCOHOL, technically called a “glycerite”. This alcohol-free tincture is a convenient way to get your Skullcap fix on the go. Perfect for taking with you on outings or vacations. Not to mention, it’s the ideal way to use Skullcap before bed, if you are using it to fall asleep. It’s much better than drinking large quantities of Skullcap tea before bed and having to get up to use the bathroom. On top of that, this skullcap tincture is 100 times stronger than the tea, so you can get away with using much less.

Skullcap tincture is also a great option to add to your “reset kit”, if you are looking to take a break from other herbal specimens. It also works nicely as a cheaper alternative to Herba Rosa’s Blue Lotus Tincture for those who only care about the relaxation component and not so much for the dream enhancement or other potential effects.

Skullcap has been used for hundreds of years by herbalists to create natural relief for the discomfort associated with anxiety. It is an active ingredient in many natural products used to promote sleep.

There are three sizes to choose from. If you buy the 4.7oz bottle, you save $4 vs the equivalent quantity in 1.3oz bottles. If you buy the 2.3oz bottle, you save an equivalent of $1-$2. If you really like this stuff, volume discounts are available! And if you’re a shop owner, you can get access to special wholesale prices if you sign up for a wholesale account.

The vegetable glycerin used in this tincture does not have the same chemical makeup as sugar, so you don’t need to be concerned about it causing tooth decay or affecting blood sugar.
This article explains why this is the case. Even though the article focuses on vaping, it explains that vegetable glycerin only effects dental health when combined with flavorings, which this tincture does not use.

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