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Green, Red, and White vein Kratom Powder

What Makes Herba Rosa Stand Out?

Herba Rosa provides access to lab tested, small batch kratom in sustainable packaging. We operate on a smaller scale than most vendors. As a result, we can hand-pick the highest quality kratom powder on the market.

Strongest Kratom Online

Large-scale vendors can’t consistently supply a product as premium as our unadulterated kratom powder. You can rely on Herba Rosa kratom being of consistently high quality and free of additives. It is sourced from Fiji (exotic, right?), with the help of American mediator who ensures reliable quality through their connections with many small growers on the island. Herba Rosa is packaged in Sonoma County, California.

Lab Tested, Unadulterated Kratom

Herba Rosa specializes in providing a limited selection of only the best kratom powder, ideal for the most selective enthusiasts of this botanical specimen. Lab tested, natural, and 100% pure, this is some of the strongest kratom online.

Small Batch Kratom

Such exclusive, top-shelf batches are only available in small quantities, and Herba Rosa’s “Maeng Da”s are a mix of many such small batches. While other vendors buy their bulk in tons, from Indonesia, we buy our unadulterated kratom powder in sealed kilos, from small farmers in Fiji. Fiji is a more politically stable country with higher standards, but the same great climate and soil for growing kratom.

By Kratom Connoisseurs, For Kratom Connoisseurs

Herba Rosa goes to great lengths to make sure the kratom you get always lives up to your high expectations, with as little variation as possible between batches. To do this, it goes through two rounds of intense quality control. Our mediator/arbiter, who works directly with the farmers in Fiji, does the first round. If any kratom received by them tests badly or fails to meet our high standards, it is sent back. This incentivizes farmers to maximize quality and safety.

The second round of quality control is done through experience testing.

I am an experienced kratom connoisseur, having tried at least a hundred different strains and batches.

I personally sample all the kratom I sell, many times, to ensure I am only selling kratom I would use myself. I genuinely care about people’s well-being, and I put that same level of care into ensuring that the kratom I provide is the safest, purest, and highest quality possible.

Origin of Herba Rosa

Original Product Shot (tinted yellow from wildfire smoke)

Original Product Shot (tinted yellow from wildfire smoke)

This business was conceived amid the crisis of the 2020, out of my passion for herbalism and a desire to use my skills and network to improve people’s lives through this amazing plant.

Kratom changed my life. It gave me the strength to handle difficult situations with corporate office politics and helped carry me through the stress of the wildfires and the pandemic.

A labor of love, Herba Rosa was built from the ground up, here in Sonoma County, while I worked from home in the cannabis industry.

We made our first sale in November 2020 to Green Zone Smokeshop in Sebastopol, CA, where it continues to be their best-selling kratom brand.

Why You Should Choose Herba Rosa Kratom

  • Free flat rate shipping on orders over $100
  • Sustainable packaging
    • Our rice-paper bags minimize our carbon footprint while retaining freshness.
  • Our small batch kratom is meticulously sourced through a rigorous selection process.
  • Herba Rosa is a small business that values its reputation highly, with incentive to provide only the best.
  • We have an active social media presence
    • We go out of our way to promote stores that choose to carry our product.

Customer Guarantee

Herba Rosa goes to great lengths to ensure the kratom you are receiving is safe and superior quality. We are confident you will love it. As a connoisseur of kratom, I test all my products personally, and only sell kratom that I would buy myself.

Our kratom is lab tested with official COAs, GMP compliant, 100% natural, and free from additives. Because we are confident in our products, we guarantee your satisfaction. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied, please check our shipping and returns (LINK TO shipping and returns page) page to learn more about our policy

Quality Assurance

You can rest assured that Herba Rosa products undergo scrupulous safety measures at every level of the supply chain.  Our workspace is sanitized frequently and maintained with the strictest levels of cleanliness and organization.

To comply with the COVID-19 pandemic, we conduct our operations with utmost caution through frequent sanitation and social distancing. The health and safety of our customers is our highest priority. We hold our products to a high standard for safety and quality, and we only sell kratom that meets or exceeds our requirements.

Every strain is rigorously tested by a 3rd party accredited lab for alkaloid content, heavy metals ([AOAC 2013.06] Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), microbial safety (Aerobic Plate Count [AOAC 990.12], Yeast and Mold [AOAC 997.02], Coliforms and E Coli [AOAC 991.4], and Salmonella [AOAC-RI 050701]).

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