Blue Lotus tea is a natural aphrodisiac, and is said to help with erectile dysfunction, but this is just one of its many alleged benefits.

In this video, our Brand Ambassador, Catboy Herbals, educates us on this amazing tea;
the benefits, side-effects, and more. And starting at 5:41, he shows how to make it, before drinking a whole pot and sharing how he feels afterward.
It’s funny AND educational!

This article is a summary of the above video.

What is Blue Lotus?

Blue Lotus comes from the Blue Lily flower, native to Thailand and Egypt.

Blue Lily Flowers in a pond

This tea was hailed by ancient cultures for it’s properties of enhancing intimacy naturally. Dating as far back as the cradle of civilization in Egypt and the middle east, and as far away as Imperial China, it has been held in esteem for it’s ability to enhance sensual pleasure.

Blue Lotus Tea Benefits

Natural Sleep Aid and Anxiety Reduction

Blue Lotus tea benefits include physical stress relief. It calms the mind and body, much like chamomile, but with a more psychoactive buzz.

Blue Lotus tea contains Nuciferine and Aporphine – alkaloids which are said to help suppress muscle spasms. They are also dopamine agonists, meaning the help stimulate dopamine production. People also report a reduction in gastro-intestinal issues.

Definitely helps me on days when I abstain from my addictions, but I haven’t used it as a sleep aid, since I prefer not to drink tea before bed anymore. The urination keeps me up all night. – Catboy Herbals

Blue Lotus Contains Antioxidants

The antioxidants and flavonoids in Blue Lotus tea help fight free radicals, which can damage your body’s cells. The presence of antioxidants in the body is associated with reduced risk of chronic health conditions.

Blue Lotus Tea Benefits as a Natural Skin Moisturizer

Looking for a way to moisturize skin naturally, from the inside out? Blue Lotus tea and essential oils are known in the holistic healing community for their ability to re-invigorate your skin.

Blue Lotus Helps with Lucid Dreaming

Many swear by Blue Lotus’s ability to induce a lucid dream state during sleep. Here’s what Catboy Herbals had to say:

“Haven’t experienced this personally, for the same reason I haven’t used it as a sleep aid. I used to Lucid dream all the time, but found Lucid sleep to be less restful and it was more fun just to let the dreams flow on their own. My conscious mind isn’t capable of matching the power of the non-linear dream-state.” – Catboy

Blue Lotus has Psychoactive Effects

In both ancient and modern times, Blue lotus tea has been consumed, primarily as a tincture, to induce euphoria and even psychedelic experiences. As a tea, it has a mild psychoactive effect and brings on a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

“I definitely experienced this when I drank the whole teapot during this review.” – Catboy

Blue Lotus is a Natural Aphrodisiac

It is said that blue lotus is a natural way to combat erectile dysfunction.
Catboy agrees, whole-heartedly.

“Again, I can definitely vouch for this claim. This tea helps me get in the mood, for sure.” – Catboy

Blue Lotus Alleviates Menstrual Pain

It has been said that Blue Lotus helps ease cramps caused by periods.

I have no experience with this, but if you do, please let us know in the comments! – Catboy

Blue Lotus has No Caffeine

Woohoo! Time for an evening tea!

Blue Lotus Side Effects

For the most part, Blue Lotus tea is safe for almost everyone. It’s not considered addictive and is not known to cause dependency or serious adverse effects on health.

But like with every herbal tea (even chamomile), there are some things to be aware of:

Consuming more than 3 cups per day can cause hot flashes and increased heart rate. Avoid while taking painkillers or other meds, and avoid while pregnant. Blue Lotus is not meant for children and can cause skin allergies. Nothing in this article or video should be viewed as medical advice.  Do your own research. Proceeed with Caution. 

Blue Lotus is a Dopamine Agonist

From the words of Catboy himself,

“Blue Lotus is a Dopamine agonist (a compound that activates dopamine receptors), which may cancel out effects of serotonin release from kratom or other such substances vice versa. I was also told that drinking many such teas at once can sometimes increase risk of Serotonin Syndrome. So be warned.” – Catboy

However, there are some teas, such as Blue Butterfly Pea tea, that can actually enhance the effects of kratom without increased risk of serotonin syndrome!

Blue Lotus Review


How Long to Steep Blue Lotus Tea?

Blue Lotus tea should steep for 7 to 10 minutes. Any longer, and it starts to taste yucky and more like mushrooms.

What does Blue Lotus Look Like?

This batch is composed of dried purple flower petals, green leaves, beige stems, and yellowy tendrils (seen in video). However, Herba Rosa will soon be offering whole flower Blue Lotus (pictured below) for sale, right here on this website. Hopefully by the start of 2022!

Whole dried Blue Lilly flower

Soon to be sold on

The tea is a deep amber color:

Cup of Blue Lotus Tea

How Does Blue Lotus Smell?

The dried flower has a salty mineral smell, much like dried psilocybin mushrooms (aka “magic mushrooms”).

The tea is a much milder version of the same scent. Much more pleasant.

How Does Blue Lotus Tea Taste?

Thankfully, much better than the smell of the flower itself.

The tea tastes closer to the way the tea smells. It’s earthy. Like a fall forest after the first rain. Better than expected, but not as good as green or black tea.” – Catboy

How does Blue Lotus Tea Make You Feel?

To summarize, Blue Lotus tea makes you feel bubbly, light, aroused, and relaxed – all at once! And it lasts a couple hours. This tea is AMAZING.

Please watch Catboy’s video and skip to 8:22 for a full and comical description of how it made him feel.







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Bag of Herba Rosa Whole Blue Lotus Flower

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