Blue Lotus is considered an oneirogen, which means it can enhance dreams and help people lucid dream easily.

Are you looking for a shortcut to inducing lucid dreams, but don’t want to drink a bunch of Blue Lotus tea before bed? If you did, you’d be up throughout the night emptying your bladder.

This article will go over how to use Blue Lotus tincture, if it really induces lucid dreams, how the tincture is made, how it compares to blue lotus tea, and where you can get it for yourself to avoid the hassle of making it. Spoiler alert – it’s not easy to make, unless you already have blue lotus dry extract.

What’s Easier? – Traditional Lucid dreaming techniques OR using Blue Lotus?

Traditional lucid dreaming techniques, such as dream journaling and reality testing, can take months to work. If you want to know how to lucid dream easily, there is a shortcut. Blue Lotus has been reported by many to enhance the vividness of dreams and even induce lucid dreams when taken before bed.

A dreamscape of flying wales and a floating island of water in the sky
Lucid dream induced by blue lotus tincture (concept)

Why Blue Lotus Tincture is better than Blue Lotus tea for lucid dreaming easily

Blue Lotus tea vs Blue Lotus Tincture - which is better at helping you lucid dream easily?
Which is better for dreaming?

Most people who want to lucid dream easily simply drink blue lotus tea, but it takes a lot of it to get the proper effect, which can have you waking up in the night to use the bathroom. The solution? Max strength blue lotus tincture – 188x stronger than blue lotus tea. Based on the reviews of its users, it produces the same effect as a whole pot of tea with just 1-5 droppers-full under your tongue.

How to Use Blue Lotus Tincture

To learn how to lucid dream easily with blue lotus tincture, you must know the right way to use it.

dropper full of blue lotus tincture that helps you lucid dream easily

It’s important to shake the bottle up before use. According to Sober Catboy (in the above video), if you are new to Blue Lotus, it is advised to start with one dropper-full and leave it under your tongue for up to 15 minutes. If you do not feel the effects of drowsiness and – reportedly – a slight euphoria, within a few minutes, then you can take more droppers until satisfied.

Once you feel the effects sufficiently (for catboy, that was 4), you may swallow and rinse your mouth before bed. Even though vegetable glycerin is not as harmful for your teeth as sugar, it can still increase bacteria development (3rd point down), which is why I advise rinsing your mouth.

Be warned, it is not advised to use kratom and blue lotus at the same time.

How Blue Lotus tincture is made

Herba Rosa’s Blue Lotus tincture has just three ingredients:

  1. Dried blue lotus extract
  2. Vegetable Glycerin (affiliate link)
  3. Distilled Water
Sober Catboy holding a dry blue lotus flower in his hand

Sober Catboy’s video gives detailed step to step instructions on how to make your own lucid dreaming tincture, and his Blue Lotus playlist provides details on what it takes to make your own dried extract. But I will provide a summary here.

An even ratio of distilled water and vegetable glycerin is mixed together in a saucepan, slowly heated up on low. For every 30mL of liquid in the saucepan, you need 3g of dried blue lotus extract, which you must stir in (using a fork) slowly over time. Once all dried extract is visibly dissolved, the tincture is ready for bottling.

Blue Lotus max strength tincture from Herba Rosa with a blue lotus flower in front of it

Once bottled, it should be stored away from sunlight, at room temperature.

Conclusion – Is blue lotus tincture the answer for how to lucid dream easily?

Is blue lotus tincture the answer to those who want to know how to lucid dream easily?

Blue Lotus tincture can sometimes, but not always, induce lucid dreams. Often, when it fails to induce lucid dreams, it still induces vivid dreams, which are still profound and enjoyable.

Flying in a Lucid Dream

Based on Sober Catboy’s experience report, we know that Blue Lotus tincture has power over dreams, but it is not an all-out replacement for traditional lucid dreaming techniques, which are still the best way to maximize your chances of becoming lucid during dreams in the long run.

However, blue lotus tincture is still worth trying, as it may work better on you than on others. And if it doesn’t work the first time, it might work the next. As Catboy said, Blue Lotus tincture can be viewed as a bonus that can increase the likelihood of becoming lucid when used alongside dream journaling and triggers. It can shorten the amount of time it takes for these methods to work.

And aside from the effects on dreams, blue lotus tincture has very pleasant and enjoyable effects when used during the waking hours as well.

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No need to make it yourself!

Bottle of Blue Lotus tincture from Herba Rosa that helps you lucid dream easily