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Herba Rosa improves people’s lives by enhancing their well-being while also catering to their sense of environmentalism and community.

People TALK
About Our Kratom / Botanicals

Man holding two bags of Herba Rosa kratom powder

“I have been utilizing Kratom for years to improve daily living and mobility. Some vendors and strains are hit and miss. After sampling Herba Rosa’s Super White. I can say that it has a noticeable difference in the quality of the effect! This is a top shelf product and will be my go to from now forward!”

–Terry, California
Adrienne The Naturalist

“I recommend it as the best there is in terms of potency, quality and consistency. This is excellent!!! So glad I found this.”

Savannah H.

“Quality product, fast shipping and great service. 😀


“I love both red and green strains. Very high quality and consistent. Definitely recommend it.”


“This strain (White Maeng Da) is very high in alkaloids. I can already tell… I can tell my day is about to be wonderful. Bout to be marvelous. All thanks to Herba Rosa White Maeng Da. I’m gonna use it for a workout and then head in to work and get s*** DONE!”

Justin Ray, Delta 8 Reviews
Lab Tested Kratom Powder with Mortar and Pestle

Why Herba Rosa
Kratom Is Different

Herba Rosa provides access to small batch, lab tested kratom, botanicals, and nootropics  in sustainable packaging. We operate on a smaller scale than most vendors.

As a result, we can hand-pick the highest quality kratom powder on the market.

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Customer Guarantee

Herba Rosa goes to great lengths to ensure the kratom you are receiving is safe and superior quality. We are confident you will love it. As a connoisseur of kratom, I test all my products personally, and only sell kratom that I would buy myself. Our kratom is…

  • Lab tested with official COAs
  • GMP Compliant
  • 100% natural / free from additives

Because we are confident in our products, we guarantee your satisfaction. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied, please check our shipping and returns page to learn more about our policy.

  • Kratom trees are native to southeast Asia.
  • Most kratom comes from Borneo (the largest island in Indonesia)”
  • Kratom strains differentiate based on the color of the veins in the leaf (green, white, or red).
  • Most Maeng Da (aka “Pimp Grade”) varieties are actually a mix of different strains.

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