Watch out for offers that seem “too good to be true”

Most of these scams take place when someone from a western nation attempts to purchase kratom straight from Indonesia.

They contact you on social media and usually lure you in with unbeatable prices for kilos, promises of the highest potency, and assurances that it is “lab tested”. In some cases, they may be telling the truth, but gambling on safety, and trusting someone who might be desperate for money, is a risky endeavor.

Even if they are lab tested, they aren’t tested up to American standards. And fake test results are much more common in less developed countries.

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Know your risks! Watch out for these scams:

Aside from the obvious risk of what you buy turning out bad, there are a few specific scams to be aware of…

1) FAKE Test Results (most common kratom scam)

Not all scams are perpetrated by those from abroad. This first example takes place right here in the USA. When purchasing kratom from some American distributors (not vendors, like Herba Rosa) who sell in bulk – kilos or pallets – sometimes the test results aren’t all they claim to be.

Let’s say I, as a vendor, buy kratom from a distributor and ask for test results. They might look fine and legitimate when I see them, but there is a good chance they could be altered or even recycled several times over from previous batches.

The only way to know for sure that your kratom is safe is by getting it tested yourself, like I do with Herba Rosa. But it’s important to use a lab with a good reputation. There are some that are known for fudging results.

2) Mixing Their Kratom with Additives

This could happen when purchasing kratom from either domestic or international suppliers. You might get a batch of kratom powder and think, “Hey, this stuff is great!” Only, in some cases, the reason it’s so potent is because they added extract, or even other substances (like fentanyl), without telling you. This is a dangerous situation.

Another kratom additive to watch out for, with a more aesthetic purpose, are dyes.

Not all colorful kratom is dyed, but if I see someone posting pictures of brightly-colored kratom that doesn’t appear edited, then I get suspicious. The best kratom I’ve had has been dull in color. I tend to see this when looking at some shady Instagram profiles.

It’s important that people not blame pure kratom for the consequences of adulterated kratom. Businesses like Herba Rosa, that sell lab-tested, small-batch, 100% pure kratom powder go above and beyond to make sure that the kratom you receive is just that. Kratom. Nothing else.

3) The “Take Your Money and Run” scam

This kratom scam is just how it sounds. They ask for money through Paypal, Western Union, Bitcoin, or whatever other janky payment processor they use. Then, once they receive the payment, they disappear.

4) The “Bait and Switch” scam (least common, but most costly for you)

It starts with a direct message. Instagram, for example. They might say “Hallo sir or ma’am. Please would you like some kratom?” And you say, “Yeah.”

They send you the samples and you really like them. So you tell them you want to buy more. You send the money, and you are relieved to actually receive the shipment. Only problem is, it’s not the same kratom you received when you got your samples. Instead of being really good, it’s complete garbage… and the seller is gone.

In some cases, it can go deeper when they string you along. They might actually sell you good kratom the first time you buy it. Then, upon earning your trust, you decide to place a much larger order. At that point, just like the first example, the kratom you receive is trash. Except, this time you have lost a lot more money on a larger order.

My Advice – get your kratom from vendors in the USA

These scams are all about deception, which is easier for people halfway across the world to get away with. Not only that, but there’s also the possibility of having your shipment held up at the clogged Ports of Entry that are slowly getting backed up with stuff that might not get processed for months or years. Or it could even get seized at customs and barred from entry entirely.

That’s why Herba Rosa uses an American distributor with pre-established connections to reputable Kratom growers and processors in Indonesia. People they trust. An American distributor should be vetted thoroughly, and have an established reputation.


If you want kratom that you can guarantee is safe, small-batch, high-quality, and handled with the highest possible attention to detail and hygiene, then you can’t go better than Herba Rosa.

Don’t risk your health to save a few bucks. You might lose out more in the end.

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