Blue Lotus Flower (Organic Whole Flowers)


Blue Lotus Flower (Whole Flower and 100% Organic)

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Blue Lotus Flower is the dehydrated form of the Blue Lily flower – native to Thailand and Egypt.

This tea was hailed by ancient cultures for its properties of enhancing intimacy naturally.
Dating as far back as the cradle of civilization in Egypt and the middle east, and as far away as Imperial China,
it has been held in esteem for it’s ability to enhance sensual pleasure.

It is also said to have profound effects on dreaming, with some saying it can help induce lucid dreams.
Some describe the effects of Blue Lotus Flower as “euphoric”, which I can agree with.

Blue Lotus Flower is also a great option to add to your “reset kit”,
if you are looking to take a break from other nootropics.

Personally, I take this stuff with me while doing errands about town.   🙂


(See this video/blog post for more info)

The Herba Rosa brand ambassador, Sober Catboy, has a lot to say about Blue Lotus!

Also, check out this video review from Adrienne The Naturalist:

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