BLUE LOTUS Extract Powder (90g) – 20X STRENGTH | 100% Pure | Organic | Nymphaea Caerulea


90g Bag of 20x Blue Lotus Extract Powder – vegan/organic


My Blue Lotus Extract is dried 20:1 concentration of the Blue Lotus flower,
which many have described as having “Euphoric” and aphrodisiac qualities,
as well as claiming to have profoundly positive effects on sleep, enhanced dreaming, and Lucid dream states.

Herba Rosa’s organic, vegan Blue Lotus Extract powder is very potent, and at the best deal you’ll find! (though still weaker than what I use to make my blue lotus glycerite). And unlike other liquid tinctures, this one contains ZERO ALCOHOL, technically called a “glycerite”. If you are using Blue Lotus before bed to enhance your dreams, it’s much better than drinking large quantities of Blue Lotus tea and having to get up to use the bathroom.

If you capsulate your own powder, or use starch pouches, you’ll have more time to enjoy your enhanced/lucid dreams before waking. Alternatively, you can cook it over the stove into a cup of hot milk or nondairy substitute. The versatility of the powder and the lower price makes it a better deal overall than the Blue Lotus Extract Capsules. This bag is not only cheaper, but contains 10g more than the 80g total in the capsule bag! However, you will be sacrificing the convenience of pre-made capsules.

Blue Lotus Extract powder is also a great option to add to your “reset kit”, if you are looking to take a break from other nootropics.


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