Blue Lotus Extract Capsules (20X | ORGANIC/VEGAN | 100ct)


100 20x Blue Lotus Extract capsules – vegan/organic (80g total)


Blue Lotus Extract Capsules contain dried powder concentrate from the Blue Lotus flower,
which many have described as having “Euphoric” and aphrodisiac qualities,
as well as claiming to have profound effects on dreaming and Lucid dream states.

Herba Rosa’s organic, vegan Blue Lotus Extract capsules are very potent – stronger than most on the market. These capsules are a convenient way to get your Blue Lotus fix on the go. Perfect for taking with you on errands or outings. Not to mention, it’s the ideal way to use Blue Lotus before bed, if you are using it to enhance your dreams. It’s much better than drinking large quantities of Blue Lotus tea before bed and having to get up to use the bathroom. And since it’s in capsules, the effects are released more slowly over time, meaning that you’ll have more time to enjoy your enhanced/lucid dreams before waking.

Blue Lotus Extract is also a great option to add to your “reset kit”, if you are looking to take a break from other nootropics.

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Weight 90 g


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